About Us

Homni Electronics Company Limited was established in 1980. Our factory, Dongguan Integrity Electronics, was established in 1994. Homni Electronics provides OEM and ODM service to our worldwide customers. 

Initially, the company began with the multichannel stereo amplifier design, and extend to different audio product category (which including the audio mixers, audio processor, power speaker and the portable bluetooth speakers… etc.) for our customer. 

In addition, Homni also provide ODM service or concept development service (from a simple thought idea to real life mass production to our client. With over 35-year experience in R&D engineering service, Homni Electronics Company Limited could provide professional engineering service to help our customer to develop of hardware, software, firmware and even the acoustic design independently and efficiently. 
We also have a long-time relationship with TI, CSR and other well-now chip maker companies and as an advantage, this allow us to have more competitive quotations to our customer. With total about 1300 employees. 

Homni Electronics have the ability to make the mass production on time, moreover, our company not only own the S.M.T lines but also several injection machines in our China factory. Homni Electronics will be your better than best choice as a total solution of O.E.M/ O.D.M. partner, because not only we have the best customer service also we never stop to improve our self and helps our worldwide customers to reach their goal.