Software Team

‧1 iOS Engineer
‧ 1 Android Engineer  
‧ 1 DSP Engineer  (AD, Dreams &TI)  
‧ 5 MCU Engineers
‧ 2 PC Engineers
‧ Wifi - APP Controller

‧ Bluetooth  - APP Controller

Mechanical Team

‧ 2 Art Engineers 
‧ 6 Mechanical Engineers 
‧ Support and handling from new product sketching, rendering , 3D structure and tooling design.

Electronic Team

‧ 14 Electronic Engineers 
2 Acoustics Engineers   
1 Safety Engineer  
Support and handling from circuit plot diagram,  PCB layout and PCB Gerber preparation.

Anechoic Chamber

‧ Chamber Dimension: 6.5M (L) x 5M (W) x 2.45M (H). Noise Level :20dBA
Product scanning and sound acoustics verification during  product design.
Sampling & randomly inspection during mass production, to ensure the acoustic crave are approved.
Pre-scan of new products
Debug the EMI/FCC.