Manual Insert Line

2 Manual Insert Line
2 Lead Free Solder Wave Machine
Production Capacity : 18,000pcs/days


4 Manual Solder Line
Test Equipment : ICT Machine & Soldering
  Station,Computer Software Test,Firmware
  Programming  and Testing
Production Capacity : 18,000pcs/days

ELECElectronic Products Assembly

8 Final Assembly Line
Test Equipment : Audio Precision
  Analyzer, Audio Analyzer, Bluetooth
  Test Equipment, Radio Generator, RF
  Test Equipment and Oscilloscope.
Production Capacity : 15,000pcs/day

Speaker Products Assembly

6 Final Assembly Line
2 Auto Free Flow Line (New Set-Up 2017)
Test Equipment : On Line Sound Test
 Room, Wave Generator, Bluetooth Test
 Equipment, Radio Generator, RF test
 Equipment and Oscilloscope……
Production Capacity : 8000pcs/day (the
 new Auto Free Flow Line can  be increased
 the productivities 20%)

100% In Line Function Inspection
Audio Function Test Via USB Port
MIDI test  
In line Bluetooth Pairing & Stream – Music via Bluetooth.
Radio RF & AM Alignment Test   
AP Audio Performance Test
On Line Sound Room
On Line CLIO scanning